The Indian College of Physicians - ICP, Academic wing of The Association of Physicians of India,

Rules and Byelaws

Amended ICP constitution as per the General Body Meeting of ICP held on 29th January 2009 at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida is under preparation for details contact API Office.

Amended constitution as adopted by the 16th Annual General Body Meeting held on 22nd January 2005 at Mumbai.

The Association of Physicians of India realised the increasing needs for promotion of Continuing Medical Education Programmes and its scientific research activities relevant to the Indian Sub continent. With this central theme Indian College of Physicians (ICP) was started under the auspices of A.P.I. with effect from 1986. The first convocation of the ICP was held in January 1987.

Part I Memorandum of Association (Indian College of Physicians)

  1. The name of the college shall be Indian College of Physicians.
  2. The Head Quarter of the college shall be the Head Quarter of The Association of Physicians of India in Mumbai.
  3. Aims and Objectives
    1. To organise Continuing Medical Education Programmes throughout the year in different parts of the country.
    2. To bring out monographs, practice guidelines, technical series report and other learning resource materials in various disciplines of medicine aiming at upgrading the knowledge and skill of medical professionals.
    3. To conduct Academic and Scientific Researches.
    4. To train candidates in various medical specialities and super specialities and award certificates.
    5. To confer Fellowships of the College on the basis of the principles and procedures laid down.
    6. To seek affiliation or be associated on reciprocal basis with national and international colleges, associations or similar bodies to achieve the objectives of the college.
    7. To generate funds to carry out the objectives of the college.
    8. To hold national and international conferences.
    9. To take such other action consistent with objectives of the College.

Part II : Rules and Byelaws of the College

  1. Definitions and abbreviations
    1. Unless otherwise specified in succeeding paragraphs, ''Association'' or ''API'' means ''The Association of Physicians of India (API)'',
    2. ''College'' means ''Indian College of Physicians (ICP)'',
    3. ''HQ'' means Head Quarters of Association of Physicians of India and Indian College of Physicians at Mumbai.
    4. ''Council'' means the Faculty Council of Indian College of Physicians.
    5. ''Office bearer'' means person holding the post of Dean, Dean-Elect, Vice Deans, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer.
    6. ''Fellow'' means the Fellow of Indian College of Physicians (FICP).
    7. ''A year'' means from one Annual General Body Meeting to the other Annual General Body Meeting of ICP to be held in January each year.
  2. Management
    1. The affairs of the Indian College of Physicians shall be managed by its Faculty Council.
    2. The Faculty Council shall consist of :
      1. Chairman - President of API (Ex-Officio).
      2. Dean.
      3. Immediate Past Dean.
      4. Dean Elect.
      5. Vice Deans - 3 (Three).
      6. Secretary - Hon. General Secretary of API (Ex-Officio)
      7. Treasurer - Hon. Treasurer of API (Ex-Officio).
      8. Elected Members - 10 (Ten) (Five members to be elected every year)
      9. President Elect of API, (Ex-officio).
      10. Editor Journal of API (Ex-officio).
      11. Nominated members - One Joint Secretary at the (HQ) to be nominated by the Chairman and one Joint Secretary from the place of Dean to be nominated by the Dean. These nominees shall be from amongst the Fellows of the College.
      12. Invited Members - Chairman, Credentials Committee.
    3. The Invited members shall not have voting rights in the Faculty Council Meeting but shall be entitled to reimbursement of expenses as per rules in practice.
  3. Tenure of Office of Faculty Council
    1. Dean - Two years
      Dean Elect - Two years
      Past Dean - Two years
      Vice Dean - Two years and
      Members - Two years.
      1. Tenure of Office for all the posts of Faculty Council shall be two years - A year being counted from one Annual General Body Meeting (to be held in January of each year) to the other. Elections to the 10 members of the Faculty Council have been so arranged that five members shall complete their two years term every year and thus five members shall be elected each year.
      2. No person shall hold the office of a Vice Dean for a total period of more than 4 years.
    2. No person shall hold the position of an elected member of Faculty Council for a total of more than 4 years, consecutive or otherwise excluding the tenure as Vice Dean, Dean Elect, Dean and Past Dean.
    3. Credentials Committee
      1. There shall be a Credentials Committee of the College consisting of 7 members.
      2. The Credentials Committee shall be nominated every 2 years by the Faculty Council at its first meeting after the Annual General Body Meeting. The Faculty Council shall also nominate a Chairman of the Committee out of the seven members in the same meeting.
        1. No member of the Faculty Council shall be nominated to the Credentials Committee.
      3. No person shall serve on the Credentials Committee for more than 4 years.
      4. The Credentials Committee members shall be Fellows of the College of not less than five years standing.
      5. The General Secretary of the College shall be the Convenor of the Credentials Committe. The Joint Secretaries from Headquarters and from Dean's place shall attend the meeting but they shall have no voting rights.
      6. Role of The Credentials Committee
        1. To invite and scrutinize proposals for the award of Fellowships of the College proposed and seconded by the Fellows and recommend names of suitable persons to the Faculty Council for the award of Fellowship.
        2. To scrutinize all nominations for the posts of Editorship / Convenorship of Monographs and Technical Series Reports (TSR), Practice Guidelines and other publications; and recommend not more than three suitable names in the order of preference to the Faculty Council.
  4. Fellowship of the College
    1. Founder Fellows - As enrolled at the time of inception of the College till 31.7.1988. See Appendix ''A'' on pages 14-16.
    2. Fellows
    3. Eligibility Criteria
      1. Minimum experience of 10 years after post graduation.
      2. Continuous membership of the Association of Physicians of India for not less than 7 years.
      3. Should have made a significant contribution to research / teaching in the field of medicine.
      4. Should have contributed to API by way of scientific or organizational works.
      5. Honorary Fellows - The Faculty Council may select by an unanimous vote a person, who in their judgement is a renowned scientist in the field of Medicine and/or Science as a Honorary Fellow.
      6. One month's prior notice should be given to the members of the Faculty Council when proposing the name of any person for award of Honorary Fellowship. The proposal should be sent along with the curriculum vitae.
    4. Not more than 1% of the valid members of the Association of Physicians of India shall be awarded fellowship every year.
  5. Award of Fellowships
    1. Secretary of the College shall invite nominations from the Fellows in the prescribed form by 31st of May each year. The nomination shall be proposed and seconded by Fellows. The eligibility shall be checked at head quarters and a consolidated list with bio-data shall be circulated to the Credential Committee Members to reach them not later than 30th June. The original applications shall be sent to the Chairman, Credentials Committee by the same date. The Credential Committee shall meet in July and finalise their recommendations and send the list for the approval of Faculty Council in September meeting.

      The award of Fellowship becomes final only after approval of the Faculty Council. The Faculty Council may reject any name not considered suitable in their wisdom without assigning any reason thereof but shall not add any new name.
    2. Fellowship Fees
      Fellowship fee payable once in lifetime shall be Rs. 5,000/- till next revision. Out of the money so received Rs. 4,000/- will be deposited in the Corpus Fund and Rs. 1,000/- will go to the current account for day-to-day activities. No fees shall be payable by Honorary Fellows.
  6. Register of Fellows
    A Register containing the names and addresses of Fellows shall be kept at headquarters of API/ICP. On receiving information from Fellows, all changes pertaining to the Fellows including their citizenship or addresses shall be recorded in the register. A list of Fellows with their names
    and addresses shall be circulated to all Fellows once in five years. An addendum shall be circulated to all Fellows every year along with the first circular of ICP.
    1. Roll signing ceremony shall be held at the end of the Convocation.
  7. Elections of the Faculty Council
    1. Eligibility
      1. Dean Elect
        1. A member of API for at least 15 years and
        2. A Founder Fellow or a Fellow of the College of 7 years standing
      2. Vice - Dean
    1. A Member of API for at least 12 years, and
    2. Founder Fellow or Fellow of the college of 5 years standing.
      1. Elected Members
    1. Members of API for 10 years, and
    2. Founder Fellow or a Fellow of the college of 5 years standing.
      1. A Fellow shall not contest elections for more than one post of office bearer at a time i.e. that of a Dean-Elect, Vice-Dean.
      2. A Fellow shall not contest simultaneously for more than one post (i.e. Dean-elect / Vice-Dean / elected member) and also a member shall not contest for any post in the API and ICP simultaneously. Post means not only an office-bearer but also member of the Faculty Council of ICP or Governing Body of API.
      3. No person shall hold membership of the Credentials Committee and an elected position in Faculty Council simultaneously.
      4. Dean Elect assumes the office of the Dean automatically after the completion of his/her term.
      1. Election and Election Procedure
      1. The election shall be held simultaneously with the election of API.
      2. Elections shall be held alternate for the post of one Dean-elect, three Vice-Dean and for five Faculty Council Members every year.
      3. By 1st May of every year, the Hon. General Secretary shall send to each member a list of vacancies in the Faculty Council and invite nominations for these vacancies.
    1. The nomination paper which shall bear the candidate's name and address and the office for which the candidate is nominated shall be proposed by one valid Fellow, seconded by another valid Fellow and duly signed by the candidate indicating his / her willingness to stand for the election and to serve in the Faculty Council if elected.
    2. Nomination paper must reach the Hon. General Secretary not later than 5.00 p.m. of 31st May of the year.
    3. The nomination paper must be accompanied by a non refundable demand draft of an amount as decided by the Faculty Council from time to time, presently Rs. 2,500/-
      (Rupees Two Thousand Five hundred only) favouring ''Indian College of Physicians / Association of Physicians of India'' payable at Mumbai. Any nomination paper not accompanied by a non refundable demand draft of Rs. 2,500/- shall be deemed invalid.
    4. A bio-data of contesting candidate not exceeding 200 words may accompany the nomination. Bio-data beyond first 200 hundred words shall be deleted, during its publication.
    5. Canvassing in any form is not permitted. Candidate/s found to be indulging in canvassing shall be disqualified for that particular and one subsequent election.
    6. Each candidate shall declare in the specifically provided column in the nomination form (nomination paper to include column for declaration by the candidate), the period for which the candidate has served in the Faculty Council.In case if it is proved at any stage that wrong declaration has been made he / she shall be debarred from holding that post for the rest of the term and shall be debarred from contesting elections for a period of 3 years.
    7. The elections shall be conducted from the headquarters of API/ICP at Mumbai. An Election Committee consisting of President-Elect who will be the Chief Electoral Officer, Hon. Secretary and two members nominated by the Governing Body, shall conduct the elections. Any member contesting in the election shall not be part of the Election Committee.
    8. All elections shall be held by postal ballot.
    9. The Hon. General Secretary shall inform the contesting candidates, about the nominations received for the post that they are contesting. If a candidate wishes to withdraw his / her nomination, he / she should inform the Hon. General Secretary in writing on or before 20th June of the year.
    10. In case of contest for any post, the Hon. General Secretary shall send ballot paper to the members for voting by 15th July of the year. The ballot papers should bear the signatures of the Hon. General Secretary and Chief Electoral Officer. Canvassing in any form and collection of ballot papers by contesting candidates and / or others is not allowed. If any candidate / member is found indulging in the same, he/she shall be disqualified from the current election and shall be debarred from contesting elections for the next three consecutive years.
    11. The ballot papers should be returned to the Hon. General Secretary by 31st August by post or courier individually. Hand delivery of the ballot papers shall not be accepted.
    12. If the deadline for any of these procedures falls on a Sunday or a Bank holiday, the next working day shall be deemed to be the deadline. The ballots shall be opened and counted by the election Committee in the presence of the contestants (if they desire) / their authorized representatives who should be members of API and whose signature shall be obtained on the Election Committee Report. Before counting the Election Committee shall record the details of ballot papers printed, posted, received, undelivered from the post office and returned by the voters. The committee shall decide about the objections or complaints if any from the candidates or their authorized representatives on the spot immediately. The results shall be declared at the end of counting of votes and published in the subsequent issue of JAPI. The report shall be placed before the Faculty Council and Governing Body of API for information.
    13. Any Faculty Council Member may resign his / her position by communicating the same in writing to the Dean / Hon. General Secretary. The resignation shall take effect from the date of its acceptance by the Faculty Council and Governing Body.
    14. Any Faculty Council member who ceases to be a valid fellow of ICP is deemed to have vacated his/her post in the Faculty Council.
    15. All vacancies in the Faculty Council except that of Dean-Elect whether occurring as a result of uncontested position or otherwise shall be filled by the Faculty Council. The Hon. Gen. Secretary shall issue an urgent short notice in the Journal inviting nominations and providing time for withdrawls. The valid nominations shall then be placed before the Faculty Council and Governing Body in the immediate succeeding meeting for election.
    16. In the event of vacancy arising for the office of Dean - Elect, a fresh election by postal ballot shall be held. The Hon. Gen. Secretary shall issue a notice inviting nominations providing one month for the nomination, 15 days from the last date of nomination for withdrawal and not less than 1 month for balloting and return of ballots. The counting of votes and declaration of result shall be done by a committee of the Hon. General Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Joint Secretary HQ and presided over by the President. For a vacancy occurring in the office of Dean, no fresh elections shall be held and the senior most Vice-Dean shall perform the duties of the Dean.
    17. Persons elected as Dean / Dean-Elect shall not seek election for any elected position in the college subsequently.
      1. In the event of vacancy arising out of an uncontested election, the same shall be filled at the Annual General Body Meeting of the College after inviting nominations in advance duly proposed and seconded by fellows by 15th December and withdrawls by 31st December.
      2. If no nominations are received by 15th December then nominations shall be re-invited at the Annual General Body Meeting from amongst the eligible Fellows present.
        1. In the first instance any complaint pertaining to process of election, except counting of ballots must be lodged with the Chief Electoral Officer along with documentary proof of the irregularity before the start of the counting procedure. No complaint other than that of the counting procedure shall be entertained once the counting procedure has started. Complaints pertaining to the counting procedure or counting irregularities, if any, must be lodged in writing by the contestant or his representative with the Chief Electoral Officer during the counting procedure or immediately after the counting has been completed or within fifteen days after the completion of counting.
        2. An Election Redressal Committee comprising of the President, Dean of ICP, two immediate Past Deans and Chief Electoral Officer shall review the evidence provided by the complainant and shall give its ruling within 15 days.
        3. If the complainant remains unsatisfied with the decision of the Election Redressal Committee, he / she may ask for hearing by the Panel of Arbitrators.
        4. The Panel of Arbitrators shall comprise of
      1. President
      2. Retired High Court Judge / Eminent Jurist
      3. Past President
        1. The arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in accordance with the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996.
        2. The seat of Arbitration shall be at the Head Quarters of the Association at Mumbai.
        3. The decision of the panel of Arbitrators shall be final and binding on all parties.
        4. The Governing Body of the Association shall determine the fees payable to the non-API arbitrators.
        5. The fees payable to the Arbitrators shall be borne by the complainant, however if the complainant wins the case then the fees will be paid by ICP.The fees payable to the Arbitrators shall be borne by the complainant, however if the complainant wins the case then the fees will be paid by ICP.
      1. Committees
    1. The details of the objectives and membership of various committees of the college, e.g. Administrative, Finance, Academic, Publication and Research etc., and role of office bearers shall be framed by the Faculty Council from time to time. For this purpose, services of the Past Deans shall be utilized where ever desirable.
      1. Meetings
      1. The Chairman shall preside over all the meetings of ICP (General Body / Faculty Council). The Dean shall conduct the meeting and if the Dean is not present, one of the senior most Vice-Deans shall conduct the meeting. In the absence of Dean, Dean-elect and Vice Deans, Faculty Council Members shall elect a person from amongst themselves to conduct the meeting.
      2. General Body
        1. There shall be an Annual General Body Meeting of the College coinciding with the Annual Conference of API at the venue of the conference.
        2. The Chairman of the College shall call the meeting to order and the Dean shall conduct the meeting. In the absence of the Dean, the senior most Vice Dean shall conduct the proceeding. The seniority of the Vice Deans shall be decided by the number of votes polled in the election and in the case of unanimous elections, by the seniority of membership of College. If the date of Fellowship is same, then by seniority of API membership. In the absence of Dean / Dean-elect and Vice Deans, the Fellows present shall elect a person amongst themselves to conduct the meeting.
        3. Thirty members shall form the quorum for the Annual General Body Meeting. In the event of a failed quorum, the Chairman shall adjourn the meeting and reconvene it at the same date and place after 15 minutes
          No quorum shall be necessary at the adjourned meeting.
        4. The Faculty Council shall place before the General Body, the annual report of the college and audited statement of accounts which should be circulated to all the fellows of ICP along with the API circular 4-6 weeks prior to the annual general body meeting.
        5. The Chairman upon the requisition made in writing and signed by not less than 25% of the fellows shall convene a special General Body meeting of the College at such place as he / she may decide.

          Any such requisition made by the Fellows shall state the objects of the special meeting, proposed to be called and shall be addressed to the secretary of the college.
        6. The Secretary, under the direction of the Chairman, shall proceed to convene the special General Body Meeting which shall be held within 60 days from the receipt of
          the requisition. In such meetings at least 50% of the fellows who have requisitioned the meeting are required to be present, otherwise the Chairman will have the discretion to cancel such meetings.
        7. At the special General Body Meeting, only the business for which notice has been given or such issues as naturally arise thereon, shall be discussed.
      3. Faculty Council
        1. The Faculty Council shall meet at such times as necessary for the transactions of the business of the College. There shall be ordinarily 4 meetings - 2 at the venue of the Annual Conference of Association of Physicians of India one before and one after the General Body meeting and two others during the year.
        2. Ten members shall form the quorum for the meeting. In the event of a failed quorum, the Chairman shall adjourn the meeting and reconvene it at the same date and place after 15 minutes. No quorum shall be necessary in the adjourned meetings.
        1. Amendment and Repeal
      1. Subject to the law in force at the time, the General Body shall have the power to add, vary or repeal any of the provisions contained in the rule. Such additions, variations or repeals can be affected by means of a resolution for which due notice has been given as per rule assented 10.2 and which has been passed by the vote of at least two-thirds of the majority of the members present at the Annual General Body meeting.
      2. The Annual General Body meeting shall take up the proposal for amendment (additions, variations or repeal) once every three years starting with the year 2004. The notice of such amendment shall be given by the member to the Honorary General Secretary by 28th February of each year. These proposals shall be discussed by the Faculty Council in the March - April meeting and shall be posted for discussion with their comments if any in the relevant Triannual Annual General Body meeting ear marked for discussing constitutional amendments. However any proposal considered urgent by the Faculty Council shall be taken up for discussion in
        the immediate next Annual General Body meeting.
      3. The proposal submitted by the Fellows shall conform to the format and lay out of the ICP Constitution in the following manner;
      4. The fellow / fellows may append a note explaining the reason / necessity / justification for their proposal. Proposal not conforming to the format shall be returned by the Honorary General Secretary for resubmission in the prescribed format.
      5. Any proposal / suggestion which has been discussed in the Annual general body meeting and which has been rejected shall not be brought again in the immediately succeeding Triannual AGM earmarked for discussing proposals for constitutional amendment.
        1. Finance
    2. Out of Rs. 5000/- of the fellowship fee Rs. 4000/- will be deposited in the corpus fund and Rs.1000/- will go to the current account for day-to-day activities.
      The annual report of the college and audited statement of accounts should be circulated to all the fellows of ICP along with the API circular 4-6 weeks prior to the annual general body meeting.
      The fund may also be generated as per the principle laid down in the constitution.
      1. Publications
        1. The ICP may publish monographs, practice guidelines, technical series report and other learning resource materials under the general direction of the faculty council. The publications should confirm the following points :-
        1. They should strictly follow the guidelines.
        2. They should bear the logo of API and ICP.
        3. They should have preface / foreword from the Chairman and the Dean.
        4. The draft of the publication should be placed before the faculty council before publication.
        1. Convocation
        1. There shall be an Annual Convocation during the Annual Conference of the Association of Physicians of India at the Venue of the Conference in which the Fellowships shall be awarded to the members of API approved by Faculty Council.
        2. The candidates being awarded the Fellowship shall be presented to the Chairman by the Dean and the Chairman shall admit them to the college as Fellows.
          1. The Protocol and the Academic procession shall be made in accordance with the following order of precedence.
            Dean Elect
            Immediate Past Dean
            Chairman Credential Committee
            Vice Deans
            Members of Faculty Council (Elected)
            Members of Credentials Committee
            Members of Faculty Council (Ex-officio)
            Members of Faculty Council (Nominated)
          2. The procession shall enter the convocation hall in reverse order
          3. The citation to be used by the Dean and the Chairman while presenting and admitting Fellows is attached.

      Appendix B

      Seating arrangement, APICON CME Inauguration.

      Appendix C

      Seating arrangement on the Dias for Convocation.


      1. By Dean
        Mr. Chairman I present to you (Name of the Proposed Fellow), member of API who has been duly certified by the Credentials Committee and approved by the Faculty Council for the award of fellowship of the Indian College of Physicians to which I pray he/she may be admitted.

        While presenting individual proposed fellow his / her short bio-data will be presented by the Dean.
      2. By Chairman
        By virtue of the authority vested in me as Chairman of the Indian College of Physicians, I admit you as Fellow of the College and authorise you to wear the robes ordained therein.

      Appendix - A

      Founder Fellows of Indian College of Physicians

      1. Dr. Smt. V.N. Acharya Mumbai
      2. Dr. B.L. Agarwal Allahabad
      3. Dr. S.S. Agarwal Lucknow
      4. Dr. Lt. Gen. I.M. Ahuja Pune
      5. Late Dr. M.M.S. Ahuja New Delhi
      6. Dr. S.S. Ajgaonker Mumbai
      7. Dr. M.S. Amaresan Chennai
      8. Dr. M. Paul Anand Mumbai
      9. Dr. S.S. Annamalaisamy Madurai
      10. Dr. Jayant Antani Gulbarga
      11. Late Dr. F.P. Antia Mumbai
      12. Dr. N.N. Asokan Muvattupuzha
      13. Dr. J.S. Bajaj New Delhi
      14. Dr. H.S. Bajpai Varanasi
      15. Dr. K.B. Baksi Kolkata
      16. Dr. B.C. Bansal Noida
      17. Late Dr. H.P. Barua Diburugarh
      18. Dr. T.B. Basavarajendra Bangalore
      19. Dr. D.P. Basu Kolkata
      20. Late Dr. P.K. Basu Howrah
      21. Late Dr. I.P. Bhalla VSM Noida
      22. Dr. H.S. Bhargava Nagpur
      23. Dr. R.K. Bhargava Bhopal
      24. Dr. E. P. Bharucha Mumbai
      25. Dr. M.L. Bhatia New Delhi
      26. Dr. P.S. Bidwai Chandigarh
      27. Dr. Aspi R. Billimoria Mumbai
      28. Dr. T.K. Biswas Kolkata
      29. Dr. H.B. Chandalia Mumbai
      30. Dr. S. Chandrasekharan Chennai
      31. Late Dr. M.V. Chari Chennai
      32. Dr. A.K. Chatterjee Dhanbad
      33. Dr. P.K. Chatterjee Kolkata
      34. Dr. B.S. Chaubey Nagpur
      35. Dr. L.S. Chawla Ludhiana
      36. Dr. M.K. Chhetri Kolkata
      37. Dr. A.K. Choudhuri Kolkata
      38. Dr. D.C. Choudhuri Guwahati
      39. Late Dr. B. Ray Choudhuri Kolkata
      40. Dr. K.S. Chugh Chandigarh
      41. Late Dr. P.N. Chhuttani Chandigarh
      42. Dr. P.M. Dalal Mumbai
      43. Dr. J.P. Das Cuttack
      44. Dr. K. Govind Das Bangalore
      45. Dr. K.V. Krishna Das Trivandrum
      46. Dr. R. J. Dash Chandigarh
      47. Dr. F.D. Dastur Mumbai
      48. Dr. S.D. Deodhar Chandigarh
      49. Dr. S.K. Dutta Lucknow
      50. Dr. G.P. Elhence Meerut
      51. Dr. M.J. Gandhi Mumbai
      52. Dr. K.P. Ganesh Mangalore
      53. Dr. P.K. Ghosh Kolkata
      54. Late Dr. A.N. Gogate Mumbai
      55. Dr. B.M. Goswami Guwahati
      56. Dr. B.K. Goyal Mumbai
      57. Dr. K.B. Grant Pune
      58. Dr. R. B. Gulati Pune
      59. Dr. J.S. Guleria New Delhi
      60. Dr. M.C. Gupta Agra
      61. Dr. M.C. Gupta Agra
      62. Dr. N.N. Gupta Lucknow
      63. Dr. O.P. Gupta Ahmedabad
      64. Dr. Samir K. Gupta Kolkata
      65. Dr. B.M. Hegde Mangalore
      66. Dr. N.A. Jadhav Mysore
      67. Dr. V.R. Joshi Mumbai
      68. Dr. P.G. Kamath New Mumbai
      69. Late Dr. K.N. Kamdar Mumbai
      70. Dr. O.P. Kapoor Mumbai
      71. Dr. B.C. Kar Burla
      72. Dr. C.C. Kar Kolkata
      73. Late Dr. H.N. Khatri Chandigarh
      74. Dr. Lt. Col. N.R. Krishnan Coimbatore
      75. Dr. D.D.S. Kulpati New Delhi
      76. Dr. S.C. Kundu Kolkata
      77. Dr. G. Kuppuswamy Bangalore
      78. Dr. George Kurian VSM C/o 56 APO
      79. Dr. S.K. Lahiri Kolkata
      80. Dr.R.D. Lele Mumbai
      81. Dr. Bhola Mahton Jamshedpur
      82. Dr. N.K. Majumdar Kolkata
      83. Dr. R.S. Majumdar Kolkata
      84. Dr. K.K. Malhotra New Delhi
      85. Dr. M.K. Mani Chennai
      86. Dr. G.G. Mansaramani New Delhi
      87. Dr. M.P. Mehrotra Agra
      88. Dr. T.N. Mehrotra Meerut
      89. Dr. A.B. Mehta Mumbai
      90. Dr. B.C. Mehta Mumbai
      91. Late Dr. P.J. Mehta Mumbai
      92. Dr. S.D. Mehtalia Mumbai
      93. Dr. N.P. Misra Bhopal
      94. Dr. R.N. Misra Lucknow
      95. Dr. D.K. Mitra Pune
      96. Dr. Rohit Modi Mumbai
      97. Dr. G.C. Mookerjee Kolkata
      98. Dr. Sam G.P. Moses Chennai
      99. Dr. Sukumar Mukherjee Kolkata
      100. Dr. Susil C. Munsi Mumbai
      101. Late Dr. B.K. Naik Hyderabad
      102. Dr. K.G. Nair Mumbai
      103. Col. VA Narayanan Kochi
      104. Dr. Kedar Nath Kanpur
      105. Dr. S. Padmavati New Delhi
      106. Dr. D.B. Pahlajani Mumbai
      107. Dr. H.K. Pal Kolkata
      108. Dr. V. Parameshvara Bangalore
      109. Late Dr. J.C. Patel Mumbai
      110. Dr. Lekha Pathak Mumbai
      111. Lt. Gen. J.S. Paul New Delhi
      112. Late Dr. CRR Pillay Chennai
      113. Dr. Chandra Prakash New Delhi
      114. Dr. B.S. Raheja Mumbai
      115. Dr. R.S. Rajagopalan Chennai
      116. Dr. H.B. Rajasekhar Belgaum
      117. Dr. K. Ramamoorthy Mumbai
      118. Dr. A.S. Chandrasekhara Rao Bangalore
      119. Dr. Murlidhar S. Rao Gulbarga
      120. Dr. D. Rama Rao Bangalore
      121. Dr. N. Ramachandra Rao Kurnool
      122. Late Dr. R.N. Rath Cuttack
      123. Dr. (Mrs.) S. Sachdev New Delhi
      124. Dr. B.K. Sahay Hyderabad
      125. Dr. G.S. Sainani Mumbai
      126. Dr. R.P. Sapru Chandigarh
      127. Dr. H.V. Sardesai Pune
      128. Dr. H.C. Sathya Bangalore
      129. Dr. Shyamal Kumar Sen Kolkata
      130. Dr. Sunil Kumar Sen Kolkata
      131. Late Dr. B.R. Sengupta Kolkata
      132. Late Dr. K.S. Shadaksharappa Bangalore
      133. Dr. D.R. Shah Udaipur
      134. Dr. Natoobhai J. Shah Mumbai
      135. Dr. Siddharth N. Shah Mumbai
      136. Dr. P.S. Shankar Gulbarga
      137. Dr. B.K. Sharma Chandigarh
      138. Dr. S.C. Seth Mumbai
      139. Dr. K.J. Shetty Bangalore
      140. Dr. K.K. Sikka Kanpur
      141. Dr. Ram Singh Agra
      142. Late Dr. Shurvir Singh Udaipur
      143. Dr. B.S. Singhal Mumbai
      144. Dr. AKN Sinha Patna
      145. Dr. B.N. Srivastava Jabalpur
      146. Dr. C.V. Talwalkar Mumbai
      147. Dr. SPS Teotia Meerut
      148. Dr. C.P. Thakur Patna
      149. Dr. B.B. Tripathy Cuttack
      150. Dr. T.H. Tulpule Mumbai
      151. Dr. F.E. Udwadia Mumbai
      152. Late Dr. M. Viswanathan Chennai
      153. Dr. B.L. Vigg Sonepat
      154. Dr. R.S. Wadia Pune
      155. Dr. V.N. Waghray Hyderabad
      156. Late P.K. Wahal Agra
      157. Dr. P.L. Wahi Chandigarh