The Indian College of Physicians - ICP, Academic wing of The Association of Physicians of India,

Free Paper Awards

There will be four award sessions at every Annual Conference of API at Mumbai. The rules and regulations of these awards are as under:

  1. Papers that are accepted for presentation in the Award Session at the Annual Conference will be divided subject-wise into four groups.

    Group I Cardiology D. P. Basu Award
    Group II Chest Diseases E. Merck Award
    Group III Other Specialities J. N. Berry Award
    Group IV Tropical Medicine M. J. Shah Award

    The award of Dr. J.N. Berry Memorial Award and E. Merck Award are given in alternate years in Group II and III papers. At the 2007 Annual Conference E. Merck Award for “Chest Diseases” will be awarded. Dr. D.P. Basu Award will be for Cardiology and Dr. M.J. Shah Memorial Award for Tropical Medicine.
  2. The competitor must be the first author of the paper submit­ted for presentation at the API sessions of the Annual Conference. A testimonial must be submitted from the Head of the Institution that the major work has been done by the competitor. Papers which are previously presented or published will not be considered. The competitor should also give a written pledge stating that the work has not been presented or published before. He / she should be a member of API.
  3. Dr. J.N. Berry Memorial and Dr. D. P. Basu Awards are worth Rs. 1,000/- each. E. Merck Award Rs. 2,000/- and Dr. M. J. Shah Memorial Award is worth Rs. 2,500/-
  4. The upper age limit of the competitor is 40 years.
  5. The decision will be taken by a panel of judges appointed by the Governing Body of API.
  6. The candidate must apply for the award and full papers will be presented in separate award session.
  7. Eight copies of full manuscript will have to be submitted to Chairman, Scientific Committee of API, by 31st July of every year. One copy of the paper should be sent to Hon. General Secretary of API at Mumbai. Turf Estate # 6 & 7, Off Dr. E. Moses Road, Opp. Shakti Mills Compound, Near Mahalaxmi Station (West), Mumbai 400 011.
  8. The decision of the panel of judges will be final and bind­ing to all concerned.

Suggesions should be accompanied with eight copies of a brief bio-data of the suggested name, so as to reach the API office not later than 31st July of every year.

For any further clarification contact Honorary General Secretary at